How to refund order on Shopify

Lucy Doan Published on August 27, 2020

How to refund order on Shopify

After creating an order and sending it to the customer, you can refund it.When you refund an order, you have the option to restock the items and to send a notification email to the customer. Items in an order are sorted by their fulfillment status.

This is an instructional wwriting on How to refund order on Shopify. This instruction will provide you with the detailed guideline so take your time to read and follow it carefully.

Step 1: Select an unfulfilled order.

Firstly, you log in your Shopify account, and go to the Orders. Select an unfulfilled order to continue.

Step 1. Select an unfulfilled order!

### Step 2: Choose Refund.

Step 2. Choose Refund!

### Step 3: Type the item quantities in this order.

Step 3. Type the item quantities in this order!

### Step 4: Click Refund. Finally, you can click Refund in order to refund the order of your customer.

Step 4. Click Refund!

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