How to print an order on Shopify

Lucy Doan Published on August 27, 2020

How to print an order on Shopify

As we all know, a large number of orders is a clear sign of the prosperity of a business. From there, it also requires better management to handle the emerging tasks.

Conveniently, when Shopify provides you a useful platform to help you reduce the management burden. Additionally, you can view your orders on Shopify online,but you could also print your orders out as a hard copy to either save it for records, or to include it in the package delivered to a customer.

Thís is an instructional writing on how to print an order on Shopify. Please read anf follow my instructional to learn how to print a order.

Step 1: Go to the Orders.

After logging in to your Shopify account, click Order to go to the Orders section.

Step 1. Go to the Orders!

Step 2: Choose an order.

Click the number of the order you want to print to view its details.

Step 2. Choose an order!

Step 3: Click print order.

On top of the page, right under the number of the order, click the Print order button.

Step 3. Click print order!

Step 4: Print your order.

Now operate your printer normally as all other types of documents: select your printer, customize the settings of your choice, and click Print.

I hope you have a great time reading and applying this to your shop.

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